Tonight's Homework

مشقِ امشب

The initial idea for Tonight’s Homework (Masgh-e Emshab) was based on Abbas Kiarostami’s film Homework (Mashgh-e Shab). The intention was to find out whether after three decades, students and parents are still faced with the challenge of homework, meaning assignments intended to be done at home.

Directors: Ashkan Nejati & Mehran Nematollahi | 2021 | 78 Min.
Language: Persian with English subtitles
Country: Iran
German Premiere

Screenings and tickets

Sunday 2 June 2024, 15:00

Friday 31 May 2024, 21:00


Selected Festivals:

  • IDFA

  • Istanbul Film Festival

  • Zlín Film Festival

  • Ljubljana Documentary Film Festival


Ashkan Nejati, born in 1978, is an author, director, actor, and composer for theater and cinema. He received his Master's degree in Theater Directing from Tehran University. Nejati has directed various plays including “The Anniversary” by Chekhov. He has also performed in more than twenty plays and films.

Mehran Nematollahi was born in Isfahan in 1985. He began his career in the arts in 2009, initially as an actor and later as an author. He has written two plays: "Eternal Calling" and "Forgetfulness on a Repeating Line," as well as a collection of short stories titled "There Is No Alternative." He has also collaborated with various publications.