Mina Keshavarz was born in 1984. Her films are about social issues with a personal narrative. Mina’s last film “The Art of Living in Danger” won Best Documentary Film award in Busan International Film Festival 2020 and has been qualified for Oscar feature length documentary film competition 2021. She is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents.

Photo by Ali Ahmadi

Azadi Moghadam was born in Tehran in 1979. She has a BA in Theater and has for years worked as a theater director, writer, translator and journalist for different newspapers and magazines in Iran. Interior-Tehran is her first feature film after two successful documentary films.

Elahe Esmaili is an MA alumna in directing at National Film and Television School in the UK. She did her BA in film at Tehran University of Art. Elahe’s first film was her BA graduation film, a short doc titled The Doll. Elahe concerns about children's and women's rights; Issues like child marriage, child abuse, neglect, or violence by parents, rape and social inequalities. She's also interested in telling stories about successful women in the world.

Mohsen Zarifi Pour was born in 1981 in Ahvaz, Iran. He studied graphic design and in 1997 he started learning filmmaking by entering the Iranian Youth Cinema Society. He made his first short film in 1998, when he was 17 years old. The impression of experiencing war during his childhood can be seen throughout his work. Since his first short film he has made more than 10 documentaries and short films, which have been showcased in numerous festivals and cultural centres in both Iran and around the world.

Narges Judaki was born in 1975 in Tehran, Iran. Being a journalist and a member of International Federation of Journalists, she started reporting on social Issues since 2001 to this day. Between 2019 and 2020, she was the chief editor at Shahrvand daily newspaper which would mainly cover social and cultural issues. She took documentary-making courses in 2009 and has been working in video journalism since 2015.

Iman Paknahad, born in 1983, is a journalist and a member of International Federation of Journalists. He started journalism in 2006 and mainly reported on social and cultural matters as well as music and art. He is the editor in chief at one of the well-known magazines in arts and society in Iran. He has started working in video journalism since 2015.

Hossein Abbasi, born in 1971 is a scholar, author and filmmaker. He has written over 150 articles on topics related to Arabic philosophy, film, Persian and Arabic literature, etc. in both Persian and Arabic. He holds a PhD in Arabic Studies and participated as a consultant in various film projects.

Ehsan noortaqani, Born in 1997 has a associate degree in photography from Isfahan Art university. He has made two short films and some other photographic works. His most recent work Monochrome Days was selected as the best Iranian short film of 2022 by Fidan, Iranian short film portal.