Fragments of a Revolution

صحنهٔ تاریخ

An experimental film about narrations of two journal photos from Iran's revolution in 1979.

Director: Sahand Sarhaddi | 2019 | 7 Min.
Language: No Dialogue with English caption
Country: Iran/Sweden
Munich Premiere

Screenings and tickets

Saturday 1 June 2024, 15:00

Thursday 30 May 2024, 19:00


Selected Festivals:

  • Kasseler Dok Festival

  • Berlin Revolution film festival

  • Bristol Radical film festival


Sahand Sarhaddi graduated from Tehran University with a degree in Theater and Dramatic Literature. In 2006, he began collaborating with various publications as a photographer. In 2010, he expanded his career into Theater and cinema, focusing primarily on writing, directing, and visual arts. His artistic endeavors revolve around integrating untold stories from history, incorporating elements of photography, music, and literature. He is an alumni of the "Berlinale Talent" program.